25 Best Cat Cafes Around The World

If you've got a ton of money to spend, or you just feel the need to travel, might I suggest a world tour of cat cafes?

A cat cafe is just what you're thinking (unless you think it is a cafe FOR cats, BY cats.) Basically, you can go and drink coffee in the company of many, many cats. AKA the dream.

But there's a lot of...not-so-great cat cafes around that either have limited cats, bad coffee, or poor locations.

Lucky for everyone, Catriona and the good people at Exeter International have scoped out and found the 25 best cat cafes IN THE WORLD! THE WHOLE WORLD.

How incredible is that? If I ever win the lottery, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be planning a trip around these cat cafes!

The best part about these cafes, is that a lot of them use shelter cats who can then be adopted by patrons! What a way to benefit both parties. Plus, there's rules to make sure the cats don't get too overwhelmed, such as no flash photography, no grabbing and hugging the cats, and no feeding the cats people food.

Look how fun these cat cafes look!! I'd open one myself, but I would never get any work done!

Have you been to a cat cafe? Share this with someone you'd go on a world tour with!

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