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25 Guiness World Records So Weird You'll Wonder How Anyone Thought To Break Them

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Guinness World Records

It's that time of year once again: Guinness has released their latest book of world records to challenge and confuse us all.

Since 1955 the record books have sold more than 138 million copies, and the newest one is chock full of weird skills, talents and collections. Here are 25 of the strangest.

1. Largest number of bees covering a human body

Chinese beekeeper Gao Bingguo covered himself in 1.1 million insects to break this record - that's more than 200 pounds worth of the insects. He was stung at least 2,000 times during the attempt, and smoked the entire time to keep the bees away from his mouth.

2. Most people in a single car

More than 40 students from Siberian Federal University crammed themselves into a car for this record, and the joy on their faces shows how proud they were.

3. Longest Eyelashes

China's You Jianxia grew her lashes to an eye-catching 4.9 inches. Hopefully being a record-holder makes up for all the stares she gets in public.

4. Most straws stuffed in a mouth

The appropriately named Guinness Rishi from India won this record after fitting 496 straws in his mouth and holding them there for 10 second. Rishi actually had his teeth removed to help pull off the stunt.

5. Most slam dunks by a rabbit in one minute

Bini the Bunny hippity-hopped his way to stardom with 7 dunks, making his owner Shai very happy. Bini is actually mutli-talented, because he can also paint.

Bini isn't the only incredible animal on this list.

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