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25 Photos Of Unbelievably Colorful Birds To Brighten Your Day

Stephen King once said, "Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild." These incredibly colored birds have us dreaming of far-off places, and tropical sunsets.

Their beautiful feathers, and bright colors will remind you of rainbows, flowers and pretty much everything that is summer goodness.

You will certainly recognize some of the birds in our top 25, others might be new to you too!

Indian Peacock - Males display their colorful tail to attract the attention of females.

Major Mitchell Cockatoos - Australia's "Most Beautiful Cockatoo"

Silver-breasted  Broadbill - These little beauties live in the forests of countries like Cambodia, Thailand, India and Nepal.

Toucan - The inspiration for a famous cereal box bird, the big-beaked boys have bills that can measure more than half the length of their bodies!

Victoria Crowned Pigeon - These regal birds were named for the British Monarch, Queen Victoria.

Asian Paradise Fly-Catcher - The long tail feathers of the males are a result of mate selection - females prefer a longer tail.

Golden Pheasant - Although their natural habitat is China, you can find feral populations in North and South America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand!

Splendid Fairywren - These birds are socially monogamous and sexually promiscuous. Meaning: They pair for life, but mate with everyone!

Mandarin Ducks - These beautiful ducks can be found in Japan. After mating season, the males moult, losing their brightly colored feathers.

Cardinal - This North American bird can be seen all year, but is especially beautiful against the cold white backdrop of a Canadian winter!

Green Honeycreeper - Find these little birds in Mexico, Brazil and Trinidad. They only weigh about 19 grams and feed mostly on nectar.

Spangled Cotinga - These jewel-toned beauties live in the Amazon Rainforest. They don't sing or vocalize - instead their wings make a whistling sound during flight.

Scarlet Ibis - They live in South America and the Caribbean Islands. Although they spend most of their time on foot, they're very strong flyers capable of long distance flight.

Painted Bunting - Known as "the most beautiful bird in North America." Although they're shy birds, they have been caught stealing the bugs from spider's webs!

Golden Palm Weaver - These sunny beauties live in Africa and weave intricate nests and live close to each other in colonies.

Tri-Colored Heron - Also known as the Louisiana Heron, it lives in the Gulf Coast states of North America. When hunting small fish, it can fold it's legs almost in half!

Spotted Tanager - These South American birds are energetic and vocal. Their spotted feathers give them a scaly appearance.

Oriole - Namesake of the Baltimore baseball team, these orange and black birdies spend their winters in southern Mexico, Central America and the tropics.

Roseate Spoonbill - These bright pink birds are often confused with flamingos. Their color might be caused by the algae eaten by their prey - crustaceans. You'll find many of these guys in the Gulf Coast of North America.

Hummingbird - These little beauties are among the smallest birds in the world, the humming sound actually comes from their flapping wings!

Hyacinth Macaw - these playful indigo birds are eerily good at mimicking human vocalizations - watch what you say around these guys!

Pompador Cotinga - While males are free to mate with many partners, the females of these crimson colored birds raise the young on their own. You'll find these flyers living in South America.

Rufous Backed Kingfisher - These sunset-feathered beauties have been classified as extinct in Singapore for about 40 years. They can still be found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand.

Western Meadowlark - This golden singer is the state bird of six states in the USA -Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon and Wyoming.

Rainbow Lorikeet - These multicolored Australian beauties are considered a pest by fruit farmers, they will fly in groups and strip the trees of their fruit.

How many birds did you recognize? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to Like and Share!

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