25 Sleepy Dogs You Can Totally Relate To

Let's face it, they put snooze buttons on alarm clocks for a reason. If humans all got a lot more sleep, the world would probably be a nicer place.

Dogs have already figured this out, which is why they're all so nice and friendly. They seem to be able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and as you'll see from this list they get themselves into some funny situations while they're nodding off.

Be careful, seeing these sleepy puppies enjoying their naps will definitely tire you out, so get out of bed and make some coffee before you read this list.

1. It's a good thing we paid so much for that bed

2. "Look into my eyes, you are getting veeeery sleepy...."

3. This doesn't look very comfy

4. Reached for the too tired

5. Pilates can really tire you out

6. Good friends always support each other

7. I honestly can't explain this one

8. Battery level: 0

9. Nice of Dish to send us this cozy dog bed

10. Prepare for takeoff

11. What a weird pillow

12. Bet your dog won't sleep on something? You're wrong

13. This is obviously a baby and not a dog, but we'll allow it

14. This totally looks comfy

15. Do dogs treat people this way when they fall asleep?

16. The big comfy chair

17. The new lab is growing in nicely

18. You're never too sleepy for treats

19. No joke here, this is just really cute

20. We've all been this sleepy once

21. Somebody must've had a big day at school

22. Pjs? Check. Stuffy? Check. Ready for bed.

23. Eating can really tire you out

24. We're not kidding

25. Good luck staying awake now!

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