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25 Tweets About Cats That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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People love cats, but more importantly people on the internet love cats. That means there's no shortage of funny cat photos, videos, and cute stories that people share about their pets.

If you love cats, you know they get up to lots of weird shenanigans. The cats in these 25 tweets make hilarious mistakes, show off some strange behavior, and do what cats do best: be totally weird but absolutely lovable.

We dare you to make it through all 25 of these tweets without laughing. There's no prize if you make it all the way through, but it's basically impossible anyways because these cats are such funny little rascals!

1. *Blep*

2. What a weird looking pillow

3. Cats Are Weird

4. This is a hostage situation

5. That'll teach him

6. Are we sure this is a cat and not just a very tiny old man?

7. Maybe he bought himself the outfit?

8. That's how you make a taco bowl

9. "Why would humans hang these dangerous traps in their closet?"

10. Did you just call this baby a human potato?

11. Send him in for repairs

12. Very important research

If you thought those were funny, wait to see the next ones...

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