26 Back To School Supplies Your Kids Can't Live Without

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Back to school is always a stressful time, but it doesn't have to be! Here are some school essentials from Amazon you definitely don't want to miss! All the products are accompanied by the top review from past buyers!

1. Hynes Eagle Printed Kids School Backpack

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"Jawesome backpack! My son loves this backpack, it being the one that he rocked for his first year of school. It is comfy and large enough for all of his stuff. He likes that it has a shark!Thoughts out of the box: Well made. Pro’s: Large and comfy...and cool design Con’s: None. Would I purchase again? Yes!"

2. Pens

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"These pens are absolutely the best pens I've ever used and I now use no other pens but these. I write a lot of books as a hobby and usually my hand gets tired quickly with ordinary pens because you have to use more force to get them to write. These Profile pens glide across the page and write smoothly every time. Also, you never have to scratch them on something to get them to work - they write the first time, every time. Additionally, there's no cap to use since it's retractable, preventing it from drying out. The price for these was great for a 12 pack since buying them at the store for a pack of 2 is close to $4, so these were a great bargain for price and quality."

3. Washable All-Purpose School Glue Sticks

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"I do not know anyone who hasn't used and trusted Elmer's glue. I have used it my whole life and I am a grandma! I had a different brand of glue stick that I picked up at a craft store before, but it dried up before I even wanted to use it. I needed this product to copy on fabric. You just use the glue stick on a sheet of copy paper and cover with the fabric you want to print on making sure it is smooth and fits the sheet of paper exactly. The stick works great and I have never had a problem with the fabric going through the printer. Then just peel the fabric from the sheet of paper. Let that fabric sit back side down until you are sure the glue stick has dried. I use them as personalized quilt labels for my quilts. Thanks Elmers for another great product!"

4. Resettable Word Combo Lock

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"I purchased this lock several months ago, but waited to review it, in order to see if it would continue to work under daily use and abuse. Now, having used it and abused it since June, I can state that it performs flawlessly. I use it at the YMCA on a daily basis, and have dropped it on the hard flooring several times. Although nicked and scratched up a bit, there's no loss in performance and nothing has come loose. I love the fact that you can use words to set the combination lock. Words are so much easier to remember than numbers, and if you want to change the word, it's simple to do so. The lock is very sturdy and just as trustworthy as the old fashioned Master locks. Apparently the color choices are sent out randomly, but I was lucky and received the blue one that I wanted. The bottom line is that this is a fantastic lock, and at least for me, it works perfectly. I would highly recommend this to anyone who prefers a word to a number combination."

5. Nail Polish Highlighters

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"Cutest highlighters!! They are just as described. My favorite one is the yellow. Brighter than most highlighters out there. I really recommend these!!!"

6. Draw-It-Yourself Calculator

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"Five stars. Love it."

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