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The Best Cat Bed Goes Against Everything We Were Taught To Believe

They may claim to be sworn enemies, but cats and dogs actually tend to get along a lot better than they let on. Especially these ones! The cats have successfully proven they are in charge, and once that control structure is in place there is no reason to fight!

The cats like to be treated like the royalty they are, so they invented the best way to show their dog friends who's boss: Taking naps on them. The dogs cant move, the cats get a cozy bed, everyone wins...right? These 26 cats are super pleased with their choices to make the dog their personal mattress, and for the most part the dogs are okay with it too.

1. Comfy and cuddly

2. They make the best pillows!

3. If they really didn't like it, they would put a stop to it! (Probably)

4. They are so spacious

5. They are so fluffy!

6. He shouldn't have stolen my chair...

7. They make their bodies into the perfect little beds

8. So soft!

9. Willing to share dog space if we must

10. But for the most part it should be a 1:1 ratio

11. Unless it is two dogs and one cat who gets sandwiched in the cozy warmth

12. Dogs know how exhausting it can be to be young so they don't mind helping out the little babies.

13. They are just perfectly contoured for comfort!

14. Sometimes we are all a bit exhausted and want someone to nap with

15. Sometimes the puppies might love it a lot more than they let on

16. If the dog takes the bed, you use the dog. Logic.

17. Sometimes the dogs don't want to cooperate, but they get no choice.

18. They are the perfect size

19. Or sometimes there is room to grow into.

20. There are different options to cuddle into depending on your preference

21. Just the best nap partner

22. Always there for each other

23. And watching each other's back

24. Couches are comfier with a cozy pillow

25. There is nothing better than a puppy pillow

26. Because sleep is top priority.

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