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26 Foods Canadians Get That Americans Can't Have

It's pretty great in Canada: amazing hockey players, hot Prime Minister, acres and acres of untouched wilderness and one more thing:

Delicious food that American's can't have.

One of the best things about being Canadian is being able to point out all the things that make us different from US Americans. I mean, it's practically a national pass-time.

Here's a list of every snack Canadians enjoy that their neighbor South of the border wishes they had:

Flake Bar

Looks like wood, tastes wonderful!

Ketchup Chips

The best condiment, now on a chip!

Toffee Crisp

I must be living in the wrong part of Canada, I didn't know these existed. But, now, I want one.

Beaver Tails

The best when eaten while skating along the Rideau Canal.

Crush Cream Soda

It's like ice cream in a bottle.

Game Meat

(Mmmm, Caribou.)


Traditionally a Scottish treat, but adopted by the Canadian Inuit. It's been a delicious staple for quite some time.


Britain is our bro.

Nanaimo Bars

You haven't tasted heaven until you've tasted one of these!


Like the York Peppermint Patty, only better.

Montreal Bagels

No explanation necessary.

Kraft Dinner

In the states, they're called Mac and Cheese. But, here, we do KD.

Chalet Sauce

Seriously, a Canadian classic.

Montreal Smoked Meat

All the good stuff comes from Montreal.

Kraft Peanut Butter

Makes the best PB&Js this side of the border.


East Coasters do it right with this delicious sweet, meaty and greasy delight.

Coffee Crisp

How do you like your coffee? Crisp!

Split Pea Soup

A Québec classic, you'll be saying 'merci' between spoonfuls.

Dairy Milk

Main ingredient: MILK. Hershey's main ingredient: SUGAR.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Because it has our name on it.


Or, as my brothers call it, 'torture pie.' It's delicious and you'll want seconds.

Jos Louis

Every kid had this in their lunch.

Hickory Sticks

Yummm... smoky simulated potato sticks.


I did not know these were Canadian. I definitely eat the red ones last.

Butter Tarts

You haven't lived until you've eaten a gooey butter tart fresh out of the oven.

Kit Kat

Canadians get all the breaks. All of them.

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