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27 Moms Who Are More Hilarious Than Anyone In The Family

Moms are the greatest. They are there for you when you need them, and are always the first to tell you how brilliant you are. They are usually the ones responsible for thinking we are much more talented than we are, and also that we look good in those pictures.

Moms are totally underrated when it comes to their amazing jokes! Dads get all the credit, when moms are just as funny. Check out these 27 times that moms were actually the funniest people in the world.


1. Moms are big into puns

2. Moms are definitely more clever than you thought.

3. They enjoy the simple things.

4. This is why it's important to answer your moms texts... You may get tricked.

5. Moms who may not fully understand technology

6. They are really considerate to leave a note JUST IN CASE

7. Well, what did you expect really?

8. Sometimes they don't fully understand the popular phrases, but at least they try.

9. You should probably stay with your mom when they are shopping.

10. You cannot pretend like this joke isn't hilarious.

11. Some moms are clever enough to make their own internet lingo

12. Well, first of all she won't tear up while chopping onions, second of all, she will be ready for that swim meet right away!

13. Well, moms need to have their own fun sometimes!

14. It's for your own good okay! You'll thank her when you graduate with honors!

15. This is one clever mom.

16. I feel like you can picture the face that would accompany this comment perfectly.


17. They have friends in high places.

18. Genius.

19. In her defense, it kind of does look like a Hershey's kiss...

20. They use guilt and passive aggression better than anyone.

21. This is genius parenting

22. I bet the kids thought twice the next time they wanted to bug you.

23. Another example of excellent parenting.

24. Sometimes they are a bit over dramatic, but they mean well overall.

25. Some moms like to engage your competitive side

26. So what if they don't always understand pop culture references, they can still engage in fantastic wordplay.

27. They also share their mistakes with their kids because no one is perfect. Except the mom who wrote this email and hit send because it's hilarious.

What's the most hilarious "Mom" thing your mom ever did? Leave in in the comments below and don't forget to share with your mom!

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