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27 Siblings Who Probably Wish They Were An Only Child

Having a sibling is something that is hard to explain to someone who never had one. There is a lot of love, but also a lot of hilariously traumatizing stories that make only children thankful that their parents never had another child.

The special relationship that siblings share is one to be treasured...or laughed at. One or the other - sometimes both. Check out these siblings who represent the careful balance of enemy and family that happens between brothers and sisters.


1. This little brother who is a fan of the stealth attack

2. This little brother who playing the meanest kind of prank: wasting cookies!

3. This sister who was just trying to stop her brother from getting another disappointing gift.  

4. This big sister who isn't thrilled about the new baby.

5. This brother who has apparently done this more than once...

6. This brother who didn't realize you were right behind him.

7. This family owned restaurant that gets it.

8. This sister who has a smile that just screams "guilty"

9. This brother who has no tolerance for theft.

10. This brother puts his money where his mouth is.

11. This baby brother who steals his sisters thunder.

12. This big brother looks kind of like a mad scientist.

13. This sister who has a plan of attack

14. This kid who is upset about being left out of the band.

15. This kid who is always ready to tell on their brother.

16. This sister who has no mercy

17. This little brother who tries his best but totally gets caught. Pro-tip kids, always close your door before you do something embarrassing.

18. These brothers who are brutally honest about the reality of twins

19. This brother who hasn't really learned the importance of sharing yet

20. This brother who likes to include others in his rivalry

21. This big brother who forgot how to hug

22. This brother who planned his yearbook quote perfectly

23. This group of siblings who are just helping their brother get some cardio in

24. This brother who didn't want to be repetitive

25. These sisters who are doing a good job of babysitting

26. This kid who is not so impressed.

27. And this poor kid who just took it to the next level.

Do you have a sibling? Can you relate to any of these stories?

Share with your brothers and sisters and remind them it could have been worse!

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