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29 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Couldn't Possibly Have Turned Out Any Better

A picture says a thousand words, but these need might need a little more explanation. The luck and timing involved in getting these shots is pretty remarkable.

Luckily, with the wonderful world of the internet, we get to experience some of the craziest pictures. Whether they are accidentally hilarious, or just remarkable, capturing these once in a lifetime shots is a real gift to the internet. Check out some of the best ones below!


1. When the stork drops off a brand new bundle of joy.

2. This little buddy forgot which foot went first...

3. High fives all around!

4. The magical floating platform is for the fanciest of speakers.

5. When you finally find a way to get your dog to look at the camera.

6. Serious gymnasts know that you don't need a head to compete.

7. Hover cat is moving at warp speed.

8. Just before he burst his own bubble

9. Unicorns aren't the only animals that poop rainbows

10. These statues can control the weather

11. Be very still.

12. Water balloons captured at the optimal moment

13. This guy has the coolest new hair style.

14. Squirrels takes his snacks very seriously.

15. So does this bird.

16. That is one long cat.

17. Takes the "squishing your head" picture to the next level.

18. Double the cute and none of the messy stuff.

19. Nature is always up for a photobomb

20. Sometimes when nature jumps into a picture it gives you a little makeover.

21. This dog just wants to make a new friend

22. Real life Lego figures are very real.

23. Who doesn't want a dog that could walk on water?

24. What came first, the cat of the socks

25. This girl's fun time is about to go south in a half of a millisecond.

26. This dog can tell you are judging their book choice.

27. You get a big old thumbs up from this dog.

28. This bird is going super sonic.

29. This is the type of animal I have always wanted.

Do you have any remarkable once in a lifetime shots? Share yours in the comments!

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