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29 Surfing Dogs Who Have Way More Coordination Than Humans

Hang ten! Or more I guess if you don't have toes but instead have paws. These dogs are the coolest surfer dogs around. They are ready to catch the waves and have some fun in the sun!

How do they stay so balanced? I can barely walk on land, let alone stand on a floating board in the water. These dogs have more coordination than I can ever hope for. Check out the 29 best surfing dogs around!


1. Three's Company

2. Big waves

3. Cool rider

4. It all balances out

5. Just so comfortable that he can rest his legs

6. So well balanced

7. How many dogs can you fit on one board?

8. Bliss

9. Leave the humans behind!

10. Line up by size little babies!

11. Yahoo!

12. Majestic

13. Look how proud this dog is of themselves?

14. The adrenaline is calming

15. Tricks while surfing is just completely beyond my abilities.

16. Hover dog loves to surf!

17. Friends who surf together, stay together

18. Piggy back on a surf board

19. Ride the wave!

20. Hang on... That isn't a dog is it?

21. Shake off that salty water

22. You can find some friends out on the ocean!

23. Even the tiny ones can do it!

24. Hi mom! Look how good I am doing!

25. Can't let the sun get in your eyes!

26. Having so much fun!

27. The best dressed surfer out there

28. You might run into your pals

29. Most importantly, you will look so cool while you are doing it

Bonus: Dogs love it so much they made a portable version for them to play in!

As someone who owns a dog who LOVES to surf, all these dogs make me just so very happy.

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