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3 Brands Of Cookware That Will Transport You Back In Time

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Take a trip through memory lane and you'll be reminded of your favorite household brands: Pyrex, Corelle, and Corningware. Most popular in the 70s, these cookware products had their own unique purposes, patterns and designs.

Take a look at their comparison and see if you can spot both their differences and similarities.


Pyrex, the original iconic cookware, was created by the CorningGlass Company (now Corning Inc.) in 1908. The company originally began as a glassware enterprise, as it needed to make glass with the power to endure the altering temperatures of lanterns during the winter.

Eventually the brand would turn its attention towards the cookware industry, and become one of the first non-metal dishes that could withstand the heat of an oven without breaking, changing the product's color or altering the food's flavor. With its bright colors and pretty floral decals, people to this day love these unique pieces.

Also for you collectors, your vintage Pyrex could potentially be worth a fortune if it was manufactured prior to 1989.


Corningware was first introduced in 1958 - also by the CorningGlass Company - offering unique products of glass-ceramic cookware. Resistant to thermal shock, it was the cookware's ability to be used in the oven that skyrocketed the brand into the spotlight.

Corningware was an innovative new product which could sustain the cold temperatures of the refrigerator or freezer, used directly on the stovetop, in an oven or microwave, and under a broiler.

It was fashionable enough to be a centerpiece at the dining room table and was also safe for the dishwasher.

The cookware gained recognition by its simplistic but delicate flowers, which were only used as The CorningGlass Company was under time constraints to get the product out. The company originally wanted more intricate decals.

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