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This 3-Year-Old Had The Most Epic Wonder Woman Photo Shoot

This three-year-old just got a little bit more ferocious! Nellee has a fun tradition of doing a photo shoot each year on her birthday with her photographer father, but this year it didn't happen. Her dad, Josh Rossi, decided to make it up to her by going all out this Halloween. He spent a lot of time trying to decide who would be best to represent his daughter and realized that Wonder Woman would be perfect. Rossi enjoyed the portrayal of her in the recent Batman v Superman movie because she was an impressively tough character.

"The end part shows Wonder Woman kicking butt and almost outdoing Superman! I got really excited and became obsessed with this character." - Josh Rossi

Rossie collaborated with his friend who is a costume designer at McGrew Studios for about a month to create the replica of the costume for his toddler.

"We walked through all of the little details of the actual costume and used realistic materials to bring it to life."  - Josh Rossi

Accurate replicas do not come cheap! The entire costume with props and all included cost about $1500! Rossi was happy with the results, as was little Nellee who doesn't want to take the costume off.

"She was so obsessed she wouldn't take it off. Even just now I was trying to put her down for a nap and she screamed because she had to sleep instead of put the costume on and act." - Josh Rossi

Can you blame her? It looks so cool! After perfecting all the components of the costume, they had the cutest little photo shoot. When they were done, Rossi was able to turn his daughter into the fiercest Amazonian warrior (with a little help from Photoshop).

He wanted to do the photo shoot with his daughter to inspire others. He was impressed by how powerful Wonder Woman was in the film so he wanted to show everyone how amazing women are - even when they are only three.

He shared a video of the shoot to show how much work went into the images, and I must say Nellee was an awesome little model.

Check out the images from the shoot below!

Amazing job Nellee! You are the toughest three year old I have ever seen!  

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