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30 Hilarious Auto-Correct Fails Everyone Will Relate To

Everyone has done it. Meant to type one thing, end up with something COMPLETELY different. It either leaves the person on the other end in fits of laughter or bouts of confusion.

For these people, though, it is now public knowledge just how embarrassing these things can be.

Auto-correct fails are something everyone can relate to and always laugh at. Here are a collection of some of the funniest ones we've seen over the years!

1. She needs to take a Chile pill.

2. Hopefully not a subconscious slip here.

3. Not exactly a subtle way to suggest a baby.

4. Poor Mom!

5. Is that a new type of candy?

6. I'd stick with mashed...

7. Hot Tulips sounds like a great band name!

8. What time of year are YOU talking about?

9. It sounds like Mike has some other issues here...

10. What......what?

11. Racism hit a new high, here

12. This poor guy...that first date went from great to disastrous.

13. So basically just a lot of spinning wheels

14. He's so calm about murder!

15. That's...descriptive.

16. That's one way to lose a friend!

17. Huh?

18. I mean, some families have weird traditions.

19. That'll give a hit to a guy's confidence.

20. Remind me to never go to Mark's for dinner.

21. Yikes, Jenna. You just made things awkward.

22. That's definitely one way to measure it.

23. Ever heard of adult diapers?

24. Sounds like my kinda man!

25. Sounds smelly.

26. They are very, very real.

27. He's right, you never know with the internet.

28. Christmas just got a little more interesting!

29. Flamingos are terrifying. I'll take the flood.

30. That's a hard no to BOTH.

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