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31 Animals Who Are Hilariously Unphotogenic

While you might think that all animals are beautiful, everyone and everything has at least one bad angle.

These unfortunate goof balls are trying their best, but they are just not having the best of luck. In my opinion, the goofier an animal looks, the better. So these guys all look wonderful.

So, take a look at these fantastic treasures!


1.  This cat who looks like he maybe had a bit too much catnip.

2. This giraffe who forgot where his tongue goes

3. This cat who just wants to smile pretty for the camera

4. This dog who is enjoying a refreshing mist.

5. This happy dog who is just having the greatest day.

6. This deer whose eye were bigger than his mouth.

7. This elephant who didn't know the water would be so cold

8. This cat who was having a little malfunction.

9. This bear who was just trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue

10. This chameleon who is just trying to keep an eye on everything

11. This dog who can't be blamed for his enormous cheeks.

12. This fox who was really into the flavor of this glass

13. This dog who saw the fox do it so he gave it a try.

14. This otter who heard it from a dog who heard it from a fox that this was a fun thing to do.

15. This dog who is constantly told their sibling is so pretty and they have a great personality.

16. This orangutan who was just trying to eat his lunch in peace

17. This dog who is too tired to get on the couch, but still needs to rest his head.

18. This dog who is trying not to laugh at you.

19. This cat who definitely is up to no good.

20. This seal who is totally in cahoots with the cat

21. This llama who knows you are up to something.

22. This horse who is that one friend who always makes a face

23. This dog who is perfectly comfortable thank you very much.

24. This lion who is practicing his Elvis impersonation.

25. This goat who is trying to remember your name, but can't figure it out.

26. This cow who would like you to share your food please.

27. This cat who just saw something offensive.

28. This owl who has had enough of your sass.

29. This dog who is trying to pretend that he didn't steal your cookie.

30. This horse who just heard you say their name.

31. And this poor cat who looks like a drawing by someone who doesn't really know what a cat looks like drew.

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