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31 Kids Who Might Actually Be Geniuses

Everyone is always saying the children are the future. Well what does our future have in store? Well, they are definitely clever, but probably not for the best.

These kids have some of the most hilarious test answers possible, and jury's out on if they know how great it is. I mean, you can't blame some of them for trying, we are supposed to be encouraging creativity in the youth! Check out these 31 hilarious test responses that prove that kids really are our future.


1. Jackie, you are in a deep pit of denial, we have all been there.

2. Technically, is it really wrong?

3. They got a check mark so their bold move paid off!

4. Cool story, still wrong.

5. Some very sound advice...

6. That's a pretty good one kid!

7. Something tells me this kid isn't very good that the piano

8. Very accurate.

9. You know what, that is probably true.

10. You should be more specific in your questions. This is a valid answer.

11. Nailed it.

12. Not very nice of you to say buddy.

13. This kid is wise beyond their years.

14. This just got too real.

15. Okay but TECHNICALLY that is a zero.

16. What are your parents teaching you at home?

17. A picture is worth a thousand words so really they gave you more than enough.

18. All of those words are spelled perfectly so, mission accomplished.

19. Ah, yes, the majestic Wordbank is my favorite animal.

20. Once again, this kid has you there.

21. This is just further proof that teachers should be more specific in their questions.

22. You have got to give this kid some half points or something. The name Tedison is unique and perfect for that rectangle!

23. Obviously this teacher has recently had their heart broken because this is beautiful.

24. Definitely very funny Peter.

25. I agree buddy!

26. This was always a legend, but hey look, someone did it!

27. I want to see the translation.

28. Accurate.

29. Yikes.

That is a pretty brutal illustration.

31. This kid knows his lot in life.

Do you have any hilarious test results from your kids you want to share? Add yours in the comments and share with your friends!

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