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35 Unique Animals With Completely Bizarre Markings

Animals are the greatest thing in the world. That is pretty obvious already. They are just the most precious of things and always try their best at everything. Whether it's a cat trying to find the perfect sunbeam, a dog trying to be a good boy, or a penguin looking for the perfect fish, animals are the best thing to happen to this planet.

These animals get the extra bonus of looking completely unique. Their fur has the most unique and stunning markings that really make them stand out of the crowd. Check out these 35 animals who are style icons for all their buddies.

1. Tiny little heart

2. This zebra malfunctioned a bit

3. A cat within a cat

4. Why be a bear when you can be a Bat-Bear

5. What a classy little gentleman

6. This the kind of two-face I want to deal with

7. Just in case you needed a reminder of what you are supposed to love

8. This is the cutest cow in the world.

9. She knows she is precious

10. They ran out of ink on this one

11. Dog within a dog!

12. Look at this tiny panda! Or wait a second...not a panda.

13. Little flower face

14. One cow, three faces

15. This is the most stylish penguin

16. If Eugene Levy was a dog

17. Don't you want to give that little nose a boop!

18. This goat is ready for Halloween

19. It looks like two dogs got spliced together

20. Why so sad little buddy?

21. That might just be the cutest butt around.

22. This makes it real hard to eat bacon

23. Hearts might be the cutest type of spot.

24. That's a really cool tiger...or.. dog?

25. The smallest little mustache!

26. 7 or how many...

27. This dog is absolutely stunning

28. I would like to snuggle this puppy please

29. This dog was brought to you in part by Disney

30. Horse within a tiny horse!

31. I am seeing spots

32. The Riddler was here... but what does the clue mean?

33. This cat has a self portrait on it's side

34. Chin scratches well appreciated

35. Just in case you forgot what he was, it's spelled out for you.

It's so amazing that this happens completely by chance!

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