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4-Year-Old Eats Pot-Laced Fries From Local Wendy's, Mom Wants Justice

When Dezeray Risner stopped at a Wendy's in Huber Heights, Ohio, she thought she was buying a snack for her daughter, but there was something else in the fries.

It was her four-year-old daughter's reaction to the fries that started her to worry. According to local news, WHIO, Risner's daughter had already consumed some of the fries before telling her that they "tasted funny and were 'yucky.'"

"So I told her to spit it in my hand, (and) I just kind of reached my arm back," Risner said. "She did and when I looked at it, you could see it. It was chewed up with the french fries. There was the weed in there, the wrap that it goes in or whatever. I freaked out."

She called Wendy's, but the manager told her that no one at the store had marijuana, so she went to the police.

She brought the bag to the station, where a Huber Heights officer identified the marijuana among the fries. After speaking with the shift manager and three employees at the Wendy's, police preformed a search with permission, but none was found.

At the time of this posting, there are no suspects and there is no proof that the pot came from the Wendy's; however, the investigation is still open.

"I shouldn't have to check my child's food for drugs," Risner said. "That wasn't professional at all. … My biggest issue right now is to acknowledge it," Risner tells WHIO. "Apologize. And if it has to go farther, than it will go farther, but that's not my concern right now."

What do you think? Should parents have to check the food they buy for their children, before giving it to them?

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