4-Year-Old's Piggy Bank Stolen In Home Invasion, But Community Won't Let Evil Win

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When Beth Keller woke up on Tuesday morning, she found something troubling. Or rather, she found nothing...which was troubling.

Keller awoke to find her family home had been broken into, along with six other houses in the neighborhood. While Beth, her son Josh (22), her son Jake (4), and her disabled mother slept, their privacy was completely violated.

The Edgewater Police Department in Florida confirm that six unlocked vehicles in the neighborhood were burglarized, with some of them being stolen all together.

Beth Keller's two sons: Jake (4) and Josh (22)Facebook/Beth Keller

For Beth and her family, their Jeep was completely gone. The thieves took the screen off one of the windows in the home and pried the window open, crawling inside.

Keller, a nurse in Florida, says it wasn't just the car that was taken, either.

"Stole my purse, my wallet, my credit cards. My son's wallet. Even stole my 4-year-old's piggy bank with all his change and stuff in it. Stole my car keys right off the kitchen counter and walked out the sliding glass door and got into my vehicle like they owned the place," Keller told local news.

Keller, a nurse in Edgewater, says it's not the material things she's most upset about, it's the lack of security she feels in her own home.

"I'm scared to leave my family here and not be able to protect them. I'm scared to go to bed. I mean they have my house keys. I can't even secure my house. I'll be changing the locks," Keller said. "To come into my home where my family is asleep and steal what little we have, including [Jake's] piggy bank, how low do you have to be of a person?"

Beth and her son, Jake, whose piggy bank was stolen during the home invasion. Facebook/Beth Keller

The story circulated around town, and when complete strangers heard about Jake's piggy bank disappearing, they decided to step up in a big way.

Continue reading to find out how a community is rallying together to help the Keller family.

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