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41 Kids Who Are Truly Hilarious Without Understanding Why

The internet is full of some of the best and weirdest things possible. This Imgur user has gifted us with some of the greatest images of children that you could possible imagine.

These kids are both awful and endearing. The pictures will make you either like kids a lot more, or really dread what is going to happen with your own little ones. Maybe you might want to put the sharpies in a locked drawer, but you should definitely look at these pictures to try to prepare yourself.


1. Some kids are just more affectionate than others

2. Some kids write the nicest cards...

3. Okay but who hasn't woken up like this at least once in their life?

4. Art is exhausting.

5. Okay but, stop staring and help her out. A girl just needs her pudding!

6. Some forms of genius express themselves in very interesting ways

7. Some things just aren't meant to be

8. You have to start somewhere!

9. You may need to hire an exorcist...

10. Not everyone can be perfectly graceful all the time...

11. Very inventive

12. It's a mistake we all make at least once in our lives right?

13. This family is full of little treasures.

14. I am almost certain there was a reason? Some logical train of thought? Right???

15. Okay, but you know this kid got extra peanuts.

16. Everyone has their own ideal comfort positions

17. First love is a very big deal

18. Someone sign this kid up for a gymnastics class! She will go straight to the top!

19. Some moments just need no explanation.

20. He is doing his very best

21. If they didn't want you to rest on them, they wouldn't have made them so soft.

22. You know what, this kid is not about to lie to you

23. We all have a face like this

24. What a great opportunity to teach him about not going through things that aren't his!

25. Nepotism - Schmepotism! He has a lot of good ideas!

26. Is he really wrong? Those are clothes. Be more specific next time!

27. Unless he WANTED this to happen...

28. We can't all be Tyra Banks okay?

29. We will need to see the mom's makeup for comparison, but I am sure she nailed it.

30. Who hasn't felt like this in a Walmart?

31. Why break her little heart?

32. Maybe they were wondering if it already tasted like bacon?

33. This is why you put the toilet set down.

34. You know what kid, I am with you. Why hasn't that Star Trek food replicator thing been invented yet?

35. That is the moment when he realized he would have to share his cake with everyone else.

36. You can dress them up but you can't them anywhere

37. If Koolaid commercials were directed by Quentin Tarintino

39. Truly one of a kind. I appreciate your unique choices!

40. Have you not heard of hiding in plain sight? It's a thing...

41. This is why you put child lock on office supply drawers

What kinds of crazy things has your kid done? Do you remember doing anything ridiculous when you were young that you are relieved wasn't captured and published on the internet to haunt you forever?

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