5 Celebrity Children You Didn't Know Existed

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We can deny it all we want but there's always a part of us that can't help but be a little curious about the lives of our favorite celebrities.

Constantly being in the public eye is certainly one of the hardest things for celebrities to deal with and even though many try their utmost to keep their personal lives under wraps, it's hard to keep a secret in Tinseltown and information always finds its way to the media.

To avoid the pressure of being in the limelight from affecting their families, some stars like to keep their kids away from prying eyes. While we're accustomed to seeing celebrity offspring like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Suri Cruise and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's Violet and Seraphina Affleck, plenty of other famous parents like to keep their children away from the paparazzi.

Some manage to do it so well that we almost forget they're parents. Here are 7 celebrities and their children you probably didn't know existed:

1. Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman - Connor & Isabella Cruise

Once upon a time, a young Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman fell in love after meeting on the set of the 1989 film, Days of Thunder. The couple got hitched the following year and during their 11 years of marriage, they adopted two children, Connor and Isabella.

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The pair aren't as popular as their half sibling, Suri, so there's a good chance you didn't know they belonged to Tom and Nicole.


24-year-old Bella got married in 2015 and now works as a hairstylist in London. As for 22-year-old Connor, he followed in his father's footsteps by taking on roles in a few movies, but he's decided he wants to become a DJ instead.

2. Steve Jobs & Lisa Brennan-Jobs

The late Steve Jobs was definitely more known for being the co-founder of Apple than for being a father, but he was dad to four children, Eve, Reed, Erin and Lisa.

Lisa, the eldest of his children was a subject of a paternity suit after Jobs denied fathering her. A DNA test proved that the tech expert was indeed the father but he continued to deny it. Jobs was legally instructed to pay child support for a number of years.

Jobs finally acknowledged his daughter when she was about nine years old and the pair reconciled well before his death in 2011. Lisa currently resides in Manhattan and works as a writer.

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