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After She Crashed His Bachelor Party, He Brought Her Home

Mitchel Craddock's bachelor party took an unexpected turn when a friendly blond sat down on his front step.

Craddock and his groomsmen were on a 5-day, four-wheeling getaway in Tennessee. It all started one morning when they were cooking bacon with the cabin door open. She appeared on the porch, dirty and flea-bitten.

Although the men invited her inside, she refused their invitations, but gratefully accepted the food and water they offered her.

"She was very friendly but very skittish— I thought maybe she had been booted out of a house before," Craddock told Michigan Live. "She was so well behaved they felt sure she must belong to someone, but she remained at the cabin."

Although the guys would be out riding for 4-5 hours, the little lost mutt would always be there, waiting for their return. So, they decided to name her Annie, like Little Orphan Annie.

Annie and Doug CraddockBryan Bennett \ MLive.com

After three days of food and water, the men noticed that Annie was lactating. They suspected that she might have puppies in the area, and were proved right when they noticed her panic every time someone went near the woodline behind the cabin.

Sure enough, after some investigation, the men found a deep, underground den and Annie's seven puppies.

"We're guessing they were maybe around 5 or 6 weeks old," Craddock said, and although their mother was very malnourished, the pups were robust. "We were proud of her," he said. "She gave everything she had to those puppies."

The men agreed that they couldn't leave the Annie and the pups behind, so they each adopted one. Annie and one of her puppies were taken in by Craddock's grandparents, while the others went home with each of the party-goers.

"Thanks for coming to my bachelor party. Here's a puppy," Craddock said with a laugh.

Best bachelor party ever? Absolutely.

According to Craddock, all of the puppies have been vet checked and are now "bathed, fat and sassy!" Their names are Brinnie, Rosie, Daisy, Knox, Gunner, Bear and Finn.

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Mitchel Craddock the groom and BrinnieBryan Bennett \ MLive.com

Dexter Jennings and GunnerBryan Bennett \ MLive.com

Brent Witters and Finn (Owner of Finn is David Perkins)Bryan Bennett \ MLive.com

Alex Manchester and RosieBryan Bennett \ MLive.com

Jake Rowe and KnoxBryan Bennett \ MLive.com

Doug Craddock and BearBryan Bennett \ MLive.com

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