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5 Famous Love Triangles That Will Rock Your World

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Legendary rock stars often come from interesting pasts that can lead to situations where love and heartbreak take center stage. Some of the best songs come from real life situations, that no one would wish to be a part of.

Many rock and roll royals have swapped lovers, wives and groupies. These crazy love triangles haven't stopped bands from sticking it out and making amazing music together.

Take a peek at these legendary tales of rock love and romantic excursions that are notable in rock and roll history.

George Harrison, Pattie Boyd & Eric Clapton

George Harrison first met Pattie Boyd on the set of the Beatles' first film, a Hard Days Night in 1964. He and the 19 year-old model were instantly smitten and married less than 2 years later. The couple was happy through most of the '60s with Harrison writing the track "Something" in her honor.

Their marriage, however began to deteriorate by the end of the decade when Boyd became close friends with guitarist Eric Clapton.

Clapton fell in love with Boyd and ultimately confessed his feelings to the couple. She initially refused his advances which sent Clapton into a drug-fueled depression. In his haze of addiction to heroin and alcohol, he wrote his hit Layla in 1970.

Several years later Boyd left Harrison for good and she and Clapton began living together in 1974.

"Eric was very attractive and persuasive," she later said. "George and I had many problems in our relationship that had a great deal to do with the enormity of his fame and his increasing passion for meditation and the spiritual life. He frequently simply wasn’t there for me, and there were other women.”

Clapton then wrote his classic "Wonderful Tonight" for her, and the the couple later married in 1979.

Harrison bore no ill-will towards Clapton, often referring to him as "husband-in-law", and even attended the couple's wedding.

Sadly their union didn't last and Clapton and Boyd divorced in 1988.

Brian Jones, Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards

When 21 year-old Anita Pallenberg was able to talk her way backstage at a Rolling Stones concert in 1965 in Munich, Germany, she didn't anticipate how much she would hit it off with the group.

The young model hit it off with guitarist and founder of the group, Brian Jones. The two quickly became an item.

By 1967 they were the hottest couple in London, but their drug use took its toll on their relationship.

“He was short but very strong and his assaults were terrible,” she later said. “For days afterwards, I’d have lumps and bruises all over me. In his tantrums he would throw things at me, whatever he could pick up—lamps, clocks, chairs, a plate of food—then when the storm inside him died down he’d feel guilty and beg me to forgive him.”

That's when Keith Richards moved into the home that Jones and Pallenberg shared. That March, the 3 took a trip to Morocco where Richards ended up falling in love with Pallenberg.

“We went by car, a Bentley with a driver, and Brian got sick and ended up in the hospital,” she remembered. “He had asthma. He was very sickly, fragile. So Keith and I drove on and left him there, and that was when we had a physical relationship.”

Jones and Pallenberg split soon after causing a strain on the band. Jones alienated himself from Richards and Mick Jagger finding solace in drugs and alcohol.

In the summer of 1969 Jone was found dead in his swimming pool.

Pallenberg and Richards went on to have 3 children together. Their romance cooled down in the '80s, but they were still warm to each other.

“She’s still one of my best friends,” Richards told Rolling Stone in 2010.

Pallenberg passed away in June 2017 at the age of 75.

What happens off-stage to music's most iconic legends can often leave people thinking these stories can't actually be real. A lot happens on the road, at shows and on holidays that these artists find love in the strangest places.

A lot of these love triangles end in a "happily ever after" once they have found their true love.

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