5 Gadgets to Get Your Tech Friends

Buying gifts for friends who are into technology can be tricky. Chances are, they already have the hot new stuff or the stuff they do want is way too expensive. Like, yes, we get it, Craig. You would love to own property on Mars. Let me take out 8 mortgages on my home for that.

Here's a list of five gadgets you can get your friends that's they probably don't already have. And if they do, well...God speed, my friend.

1. BACtrack Breathalyzer

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This gift is especially great for the younger generation in your life who still enjoy the night life. The BACtrack Breathalyzer uses police-grade testing to determine if you've consumed too much alcohol to drive. It also gives you an approximate estimate of how long until you're sober enough to drive again. The phone-synced version can go for $85.99 on Amazon.com, but you can also get a keychain version if you aren't looking to spend that much money.

2. Oombrella

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The Oombrella is the hero we all need. This smart umbrella tells you when it's going to rain and reminds you to grab your umbrella before leaving. Um, YES PLEASE! It has a temperature, pressure, light, and humidity sensor so you aren't left hanging before you leave the house. Oombrella lets you pick your color, in case you were looking for a more subtle design. The Oombrella is marketed at about $78 which sounds expensive for an umbrella, but think about how dry your friend will be!

3. PhoneSoap Cleaner and Charger

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This. This is amazing. Phones get disgusting purely on how much we touch them on a daily basis. Even if you wash your hands 8 trillion times a day, you're still going to have a phone covered in germs. The PhoneSoap Cleaner is your solution. It's a case that charges and sanitizes your phone all at once. It uses UV light to kill the bacteria and the science behind it was even confirmed on the Discovery Channel. There's many different sizes and accessories you can get, but the basic PhoneSoap Cleaner is $59.95.

4. SleepPhones Headband

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If you have a friend who loves music, this is your gift. SleepPhones are wireless headphones disguised as a headband, making them great for sleeping. No wires to fuss with or worry about, just a cozy lil' headband. SleepPhones use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone and allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while dozing off. They're also great if you're on the move a lot because it means no fussy wires to deal with. SleepPhones can range from $39.95 (for the wired version) to $99.95 (for the wireless version.)

5. Lockitron

Available at Lockitron

This is perfect for your forgetful friends. Already away from home? No problem. Lockitron has you covered. Using the Lockitron app, you can give friends access to your house for a weekend without having to give them a key. It also lets you lock or unlock your door from anywhere which can be pretty handy. Lockitron also gives you an activity log, so you can see who has been using their access code. Pretty nifty! Lockitron runs for about $99, depending on the style you choose!

Those are just some of your options when it comes to tech friends. Hopefully it inspires you!

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