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5 Game Shows Kids Were Lucky To Survive

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While the airwaves were chock full of great cartoons, and it seemed like an awesome movie was coming out every week, for my money the best part about being a kid was all the wacky game shows. Sure, adults can still have fun testing their mental sharpness with Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, but those games don't share the ridiculous sense of humor that all our childhood favorites had.

If you were lucky enough to compete in one of these games, you were just as likely to fall into a pit of slime as you were to win a Walkman, but that was all part of the fun.

As it turns out, some kids did hurt themselves while filming these shows, but that only makes them even cooler!

1. Guts

Before you were old enough to know that the rocks they were dumping on the contestants' heads were made of Styrofoam, this show's climactic showdown on the Aggro Crag could be a real nail-biter. As it turns out, the producers let a lot of kids compete when they just weren't ready, and there are lots of behind-the-scenes injuries.

Luckily, future Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean made it through the show safe and sound (he nabbed 2nd place). This contestant wasn't so lucky:

2. Uh-Oh

The Punisher.CBC

American readers may not remember this Canadian classic, but it was totally wild. A host who openly enjoyed torturing contestants, a psycho in a hockey mask named the Punisher who dumped buckets of glittery slime on kids, and challenges including popping a "warthog's" zits. It's hard to believe this show was real, and not just a bad nightmare.

Sure, it wasn't very physically demanding. But we never found out exactly what was in that gross slime they soaked kids with.

We hope you studied your Canadian geography...or else you're getting slimed!

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