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5 People In History Who Refuse To Die Even Though They Probably Should Have

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History is full of weird and wonderful tales. Some are true and others, well, they stretch the imagination.

Before modern medicine could explain things like 'the Lazarus effect,' spirituality and folklore came together to make some sense of the unbelievable.

While most people stay dead after they've died or should have died, these five people were living proof in their time that there's something else between life and death.

What it could be, well, we just don't know!  

1. "Receive My Soul" : The Story Of Anne Greene

In 1650, Anne Greene was an unwed mother who was sentenced to death by hanging for murder. She was found guilty of killing her "bastard" infant and hiding the body in her boss' house.

As they fit a noose around her neck, her final words sent chills through the crowd.

"Sweet Jesus receive my soul," she uttered before the hangman kicked out the stool beneath her feet.

There, her body hung for half an hour before friends - who believed her innocence - agreed to quicken her death. They thumped on her chest and hung from her legs as they pulled her body up, then dropped it again with a sudden jerk.

The rope was cut and her body was laid in a coffin. Since her death took so long, her body was brought to the doctor for investigation.

As the doctor pressed the scalpel into  her skin, Anne's corpse let out a groan. Some people say that the doctor immediately tried to revive her, while others swear he tried to kick her to death by stomping on her chest.

Either way, she managed to survive. The townspeople were likely pretty freaked out, because they declared her innocent of her crimes. She would go on to live a normal life and bear three more children.

Did that one give you chills? Read more impossible feats of 'resurrection' on the next page...

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