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5 Reasons Why Parents Are Excited The Kids Are (Finally) Going Back to School

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Remember when the school year ended? That meant no more packing lunches, fighting over screen time when the kids get home, worrying about sending them to school with allergens, and insisting they start their homework. We were excited! You were over the moon at the possibility of throwing out the daily routine for beach days, summer barbecues and maybe a family vacation.

As the weeks wore on, the glory of ditching the routine faded and we were left with a semi-chaotic, confused household. I found myself starting to count the days until the kids headed back to class and things returned to normal.

This one goes out to all the parents that are ready to say goodbye to the extra work of summer, and hello to that favorite time of year we call "back to school"!

Here is why I am excited the kids are finally heading back to school. I bet most of you can relate!


I don't know how it happens, but it seems like there is a record amount of laundry to do during the summer. Somehow it multiplies and I feel like I spend half my day washing, drying, folding and putting away pint-sized shorts and T-shirts. I am convinced that they wear an outfit for an hour before changing to something else.

Summer Camp Shuffle

If you're not a teacher or somehow have 3 months of vacation time saved up at work, you need to find ways to fill your kids' days during the summer. Rushing to drop-offs and pick-ups for summer camp is the norm. Do you recall asking if the counselor knows CPR, wondering how your kid lost their water bottle again and then realizing you forgot to pack sunscreen in their bag the second you get to work? The summer break can be super hectic, not to mention the added cost of camp that puts your budget over the top.

"I'm Bored...."

If you're lucky enough to get some time away from work to be at home with the kids, this is a familiar phrase. It translates to, "Entertain me, Mom", to which I reply, read a book or clean your room. You can imagine how excited they get about those responses. I know they are looking for more TV time or to play their video games, but they aren't doing that all day. I have now resorted to telling them to find a way to occupy themselves because, if they're bored, that's their problem to solve.


It seems like everything is a battle the longer they're at home. Whether it's a fight about doing their chores, or because they're bored, it seems like there is always an argument to be had. I look forward to when they're back in school and have other things to occupy their mind when they get home.

Finally Some Peace and Quiet

While I love my kids to death, when they board that school bus to start another school year, I can finally hear myself think again. Don't get me wrong, I do love spending summer time together, but on the other hand- silence.

So you're excited, but are they excited too? There are ways to get them to feel the excitement about heading back for another school year.

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