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5 Strange Ice Cream Flavors You Need On Your Summer Bucket List

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Ice cream is a classic summer treat. Although it can be enjoyed all year, there's something about walking down the street in the hot sun with a cool cone of delicious, drippy ice cream that makes it extra special.

The classic flavors of chocolate and vanilla will stand the test of time, but for those adventurous eaters who crave something more, there are some hidden gems waiting for you in almost every state.

Add these seven strange flavors to your summer bucket list and set out on a crazy road trip adventure in search of the perfect ice cream!

The Ube

This magical purple scoop of ice cream combines purple yams and vanilla. It tastes like a tropical sweet potato. Find it at Dave's Ice Cream in Pearl City, Hawaii.

Lobster Ice Cream.

If you happen to be in Bar Harbor, Main, you'll want to stop in at Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium for their signature scoop of lobster ice cream.

Cooked, local lobster meat is slathered in butter, pounded, chopped and folded into delicious butter-flavored ice cream.

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