5 Times Prince Harry Proved He Is Just Another Guy

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While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expanding their family, William's younger brother Harry is not filling his days with traditional roles of the monarch. A number of times, Harry has left behind the dapper clothes for something more comfortable to connect with people from around the world.  

The prince, who turns 33 on September 15, is not afraid to get his hands dirty and leave the palace to spend some time volunteering and lending a hand for a good cause.

Back to Nature

Prince Harry got in touch with his survival skills when he met school children at a conservation project.

Dressed down in a casual grey cashmere sweater and green jeans, he visited the Chatham Green Project at the Wilderness Foundation.

Together with the students he took part in activities including shelter building and fire starting.

Prince Harry has put an effort into conservation and has dedicated himself to the education of young people to help engage them in conservation issues.

Just Another Traveler

When Prince Harry travels, he's not always dressed in his Sunday's best surrounded by hired help. During a two-day tour of Italy in 2014 to commemorate fallen WWII soldiers for the 70th anniversary of Monte Cassino, Prince Harry made an unscheduled visit to the Colosseum in Rome.

It's not often you see a Royal looking this relaxed, so it's nice to see Harry soaking in the sights.

But, it's really his charity work that sets him apart.

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