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5 Types of Nachos For Every Occassion

Nachos are the epitome of delicious. But sometimes the plain ol' tortilla, cheese, and ground beef nachos aren't really going to be applicable (awful, I know). So here are some recipes that spice things up a bit, allowing you to meet your full nacho potential. You're welcome.

1. Classic Nachos

Recipe here

Who doesn't love a good, basic, plate of nachos? These BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Nachos look more or less perfect for lunch and/or dinner (leftovers anyone?) Classic nachos are appropriate for: everyday life, sporting events, and restaurants where you don't trust anything else on the menu but are pretty sure they can't screw this up.

2. Breakfast Nachos

Recipe here

Mornings can be rough, but mornings when you know there will be nachos aren't so bad. Why not treat yourself to a nice plate of breakfast nachos? Eggs, cheese, bacon, perfection. Breakfast nachos are appropriate for the following occasions: brunch, hangover food, and those days when your boss schedules a morning meeting and you need a reason to get out of bed that isn't work.

3. Fancy Nachos

Recipe here

Sometimes life calls on us to be adults, and that can often mean fancy food we all pretend is delicious but is really unsatisfying and small. Enter: fancy nachos. These Greek-Style nachos use pita, feta cheese, and olives to fool people into thinking you're more mature than you are. Fancy nachos are appropriate for: dinner parties, trying to impress a first date, and for those times you want to tell your mom you cooked "real food" for dinner and think you could technically pass these off as some sort of exotic salad.

4. Vegetarian Nachos

Recipe here

Vegetarian nachos are a great option when you need to get rid of all those veggies you bought last week but never ended up doing anything with. Chop 'em up, throw them on some tortilla chips, add some cheese, and you're golden. Vegetarian nachos are appropriate for: cleaning out your fridge before those tomatoes expire, when you have a vegetarian friend but don't feel like eating tofu, and when you're too broke to pay the $4 to add chicken or beef to your nachos at a restaurant.

5. Dessert Nachos

Recipe here

Choosing dessert is so important because frankly you shouldn't be having it since you're stuffed to the brim. You need to pick something that will leave you being rolled out of the restaurant crying "WORTH IT!" Dessert nachos are that choice. They give you the option of offering to share (not that you will), when in reality we all know you're only asking because you're well aware everyone will say no. Dessert nachos are suited for: dessert obviously, in lieu of a birthday cake, and when you're babysitting a friend's kid and want to send that child home bouncing off the walls because your friend didn't think to invite you out with them.

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