50 Facts That Prove Every State Is Wonderfully Weird In Its Own Way

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Think you know everything there is to know about your state? Think again.

School taught us the basics about our home states, like the historical landmarks and the well-known facts, but we were never really given the weird tidbits and obscure facts that make our home states even more interesting.

Here are facts about each of the U.S. states, from Alabama to Wyoming, you probably never knew about:

1. Alabama

There's a store in Scottsboro where you can purchase unclaimed baggage. It's called The Unclaimed Baggage Center and it's the only store of its kind in the U.S.

The Unclaimed Baggage Center

2. Alaska

Alaska has some really strange laws that are largely unknown. It is apparently illegal to view a Moose from a plane, push a live moose out of a moving plane or whisper in someone's ear while hunting a Moose.


3. Arizona

USPS uses mules to deliver mail to a small group of residents living in Supai and Phantom Town.

99% Invisible

4. Arkansas

Little Rock is home to the one and only annual World Cheese Dip Championship.


5. California

In Carmel, California you can't wear heels over two inches without a permit.

6. Colorado

Frozen Dead Guy Days is a quirky annual festival which takes place in the mountain town of Nederland that celebrates a frozen dead guy. It's a tradition to pay homage to Bredo Morstol, whose body has been frozen since death and stored in a Tuff Shed.

The New York Times

7. Connecticut

The well-known nursery rhyme Yankee Doodle is Connecticut's official state song.  


8. Delaware

It's illegal to fly over a body of water in Delaware if the aircraft doesn't have enough food and drink for the passengers on board.

Reader's Digest

9. Florida

Single, divorced and widowed women are legally barred from parachuting on Sundays in Florida.


10. Georgia

There's a tree in Athens, Georgia, that owns itself. The property's original owner gave the deed to the tree when he died. The original tree from the 19th century blew down but it was replaced with a new one using acorns from the original.

Amusing Planet

11. Hawaii

It's bad luck to give a pregnant woman a lei in Hawaii because it suggests putting an umbilical cord around a baby's neck.


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