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50 Years Later And It Still Fits! Couple Wears Their Wedding Outfits To Their Anniversary Party

50 years of marriage is an impressive milestone. Carole-Ann and Jim Stanfield are happy in love after spending the last half of a century together, so they decided to have a celebration. Their granddaughter Hayley asked to look at their wedding photos before the big event, and while they were hunting them down the found Carole-Ann's wedding dress and Jim's suit tucked away in the loft.

Hayley wanted her grandparents to try them on for fun and managed to convince them even though they were "dusty and smelly" according to Carole-Ann.

"She begged and pleaded so we did it for her – we were gobsmacked when we discovered they still fit perfectly," - Carole-Ann Stanfield

Hayley had the outfits cleaned but no alterations were made to them other than that. They decided to wear the outfits to the party and show off the 1966 style.

Their advice for staying happy after all these years? Laughter.

"We have very different interests and hobbies, but the laughter is what keeps us strong." - Carole-Ann Stanfield

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