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6 Clever Food Scrap Hacks You Need To Start Using Now!

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With the price of fresh fruit and veggies on the rise, we can't afford to be wasteful with our food! Instead of tossing kitchen scraps in the trash or the compost, there are better ways to get full use out of your fruit!

Before you toss your fruit and vegetable scraps, try some of these genius ways to get the most bang for your buck.

It doesn't take much extra time to transform scraps and they are delicious and practical alternatives to the dump.

Vegetable tops and peels


Even if they're not the most edible parts of the veggie, the peels and tops still pack a lot of flavor and nutrients, so don't let all that good stuff go to waste!

Chop up the ends and the skins to freeze. Once you have enough, you can boil them down with spices into a delicious broth.

Corn cobs ad a rich flavor to any stock and tomato ends punch up a sauce with extra tartness and juice.

Got oranges? Check out what to do with 'em on the next page!

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