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6 Foods You Should Never Microwave For Your Family's Safety

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The microwave is an incredible tool that has completely transformed the kitchen, but it's not something that can safely be used for just anything.

You can save a lot of time with this machine, but many people seem to think that it is a magical box that somehow "heats" whatever is put inside of it.

Turns out, there's quite a few things that you should keep out of your microwave, and it has nothing to do with radiation poisoning.


Eggs are delicious, and hard boiled eggs are some of the tastiest, and healthiest ways to eat them!

But don't just pop one in your microwave to cook it faster. The moisture content inside the shell will heat rapidly, and the build-up of pressure will cause your snack to egg-splode!


Some recipes call for an addition of dried herbs, but if all you have are fresh bay leaves then you really don't have time to wait for them to dry out in the afternoon sun.

Unfortunately you can't just set a timer for a minute and get results, you'll just end ruining your herbs.

Frozen Meats

We've covered this before, but a lot of people are still trying to thaw out their forgotten frozen foods by using the microwave.

Not only does this create a breeding ground for bacteria, but instead of defrosting the meat, you end up just cooking the outsides while the center remains frozen.

Check out these other non-microwavable items, you might be putting your infant in danger if you use it for one of them.

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