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6 Home Remedies That Will Make You Itch-Free This Summer

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The bite from these tiny insects can leave an unsightly bump with a persistent itch that lasts for days. You may not feel their bite, but you'll sure suffer from it if you don't have the right remedy.

Mosquitoes are able to track humans and other animals down by smelling the carbon dioxide we exhale. They are drawn to human skin and breath which act as beacons for our blood.

Ever wonder why you get bombarded by mosquitoes, while your spouse does not?

Different blood types actually secrete different scents. While they're not obvious to humans, each blood type has it's own chemistry that emits a particular odour.

Mosquitoes do have a preference for different human scents. One study found that mosquitoes prefer people with Type O blood and choose people with Type A blood less often. Those with Type B are in the middle of the bite spectrum.

About 85 percent of humans secrete a chemical signal through their skin that actually advertises which type of blood they have, while 15 percent do not.

No matter what blood type you are, mosquitoes will find you particularly tasty if you secrete a chemical signal.

Find out how to cure that itch fast with home remedies that work!

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