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6 Month Old Baby Takes the Title of World's Youngest Water Skier

Who knew this was even a world record that was currently held? Auburn Asher is only 6 months and 10 days old and manages to hold on for a solid 30 seconds to the specially made PVC pipe training skis his dad constructed. With his mom running along side him ready to scoop him up at any given moment, Auburn balances cautiously while they start pulling him along the water. No clue on how this little guy manages to hold himself up so well given that his head must account for 50% of his body weight.


The previous record holder was Zyla St. Onge who was 6 months and 27 days old who managed to steal the record from Parks Bonifay (6 months 29 days old) who had held the record for over 30 years. Could you imagine having that on your resume?

Little Auburn Asher was premature by 8 weeks, which can often lead to delayed development. Not the case here, he is totally nailing this whole "baby genius" thing. Can you be a prodigy of water skiing?

Completely disproving the old adage "Walk before you run", Auburn can water ski before he can walk. Check out the adorable video below!

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