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6-Year-Old Needs $4 Million Dollars To Save Her Life

Mila Makovec is a beautiful, 6-year-old girl who is fighting a life and death battle with a very rare genetic disease. But, her life didn't start out that way.

When Mila was born, there was no indication of what lurked within her DNA. As the bubbly baby grew, she achieved all of the typical infant milestones. She was happy and healthy until the age of three. Her parents noticed that she had developed a stutter, was holding objects closer to her face and walking with great difficulty.

By the time she had turned five, she was blind.

Mila's worried parents took their daughter to a neurologist, behavior specialists, ophthalmologists, but no one could figure out what was going on.

It wasn't until they brought her to the Children's Hospital in Colorado that they final got an answer. Sadly, it was the most devastating news any parent could receive.

Mila had Batten disease, also known as Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses. It is a rare condition that is passed down genetically from parents to children.

Waste builds up in the cells creating a breakdown of neurons in the brain that leads to blindness, seizures, personality changes and difficulties with motor sills. Eventually it will lead to the loss of mobility, inability to swallow and death.

Although there is no cure, an experimental treatment that could delay the effects of the disease is available. Her family has started a campaign to raise $4 million USD to start trials for children who suffer from the same Batten type as Mila.

If you wish to donate to the cause, please visit the campaign here.

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