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7 Beer Myths That You Have Been Wrong About This Whole Time

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Whether you love to enjoy a pint of craft beer or like to bring a case of your favorite big brand to the cottage, there's no doubt that this drink is one of the most popular in America.

But are you enjoying it to its fullest?

There are many things we think we know about this delicious brew that we have been wrong about all along.

1. Beer Should Be Served Cold

While the signs for "Ice Cold Beer" are tempting, they're actually doing a disservice to the delicious taste of the brew. Ideally beer should be served at 44 degrees Fahrenheit, with the exception of some types of beer, like a barrel-aged Stout, that should be served slightly chilled. If it is served any colder, you're not really getting much of the taste of the beer itself because your tastebuds have been numbed by the chill.

2. Frosted Beer Mugs Are A Special Treat

Do you love to stick your glass in the freezer so you get the nice frost as your beer hits the cool? Going off the previous point of the beer's serving temperature, frosted glasses are a bad idea since they will numb your tastebuds to the flavor of the drink.

3. All Dark Beers Are Heavy

If you steer away from dark beers because you believe they are heavier, you have been misguided.

“People naturally assume they are heavier,” says Hallie Beaune, a rep for Allagash Brewing Company and author of The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer. “I think it’s that connection to Guinness, which promotes itself as creamy and almost like a meal, that’s the feeling they give in their commercials. For a lot of people that’s the first dark beer they’ve had so they assume they’re all similar when, really, dark beers are just dark because of the roast level of the malt that’s used in the beer.”

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