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7 Clever Uses For An Old Toothbrush You've Got To Try

Okay, so you've just bought some new toothbrushes for your family, and you're wondering how you managed to keep using your old ones for so long.

After a few months of brushing twice a day, your old brush looks pretty nasty. But don't chuck it in the trash just yet. As gross as it may look, you can still keep a lot of things looking clean with your toothbrush.

We've collected 7 of the coolest tricks for giving your toothbrush a second life. Remember: these are tips for an old brush, so don't try any of these and then think you'll brush your teeth with it afterwards.  

As you'll see, almost every room in your house has something that your toothbrush is perfectly suited to cleaning, and you'll be surprised by how good the results are.


1. Easily Cleaning Crayon Marks

Kids love to draw, and they don't care where they do it. The next time your little artist makes a mess on your wall, head to your medicine cabinet. Shaving cream and an old toothbrush make washing off these marks a breeze. Just spray on some cream and rub it in gently with the toothbrush. Wait a while, then wipe the surface with a clean cloth. If the stain's not completely gone, just spray and scrub again.

2. Keep Granite Counters Looking Their Best

Lots of cleaning products and even natural products like vinegar and lemon can damage or stain your counter. Thankfully, a toothbrush and some toothpaste are a worry-free way of cleaning tiny marks and dried stains. Just spread some toothpaste on the stain (make sure you're using a non-gel brand) then dip a toothbrush in a mixture of warm water and dish soap. With a little scrubbing, the stain will be gone.

3. Clean Grout Without Wasting Money

You could spend a fortune buying enough of those magic erasers to clean your whole kitchen, or just recycle your husband's old toothbrush. The tiny bristles are perfect for scrubbing out the tight spaces using a little bit of Soft Scrub. For an even cheaper solution, mix 1 part Borax, 2 parts baking soda and 2 parts water. Make sure to bring a wet rag to wipe up the gunk your brush out.

4. Keep Your Nails Looking Great

The tiny bristles on your old brush are great at wiping every last piece of dirt out from under your finger nails. Just dip the brush in warm and soapy water first. It even feels nice, like your fingertips are getting a little massage.

5. Bring The Sparkle Back To Your Diamond Jewelry

Do you miss the shine your wedding ring had when you first got it? Once again, a little dab of toothpaste and a brush will have your jewelry sparkling like new again. when you're done, dry your pieces off with a lint free cloth and they're ready to wear. Be careful: jewelers warn that if you have a gold band the toothpaste could scratch it. Instead, try rubbing on a little mild liquid detergent.

6. All Those Hard To Reach Places

Hair can build up in the vent of your blow dryer, making it take longer to dry your hair. Pop the back off and use your toothbrush to wipe out all of the hair. Soon you'll be noticing all the little places that the tiny brush is perfect for cleaning: the spaces between your keyboard keys, wiping crud off your children's earbuds, phone cases, messy remotes and video game controllers, even the rubber seal on your fridge where dirt builds up.

7. A Cute Toothbrush Bracelet

Once you're finished cleaning your house from top to bottom with your toothbrush, cut off the dirty bristles with some pliers and set them aside for a rainy day. There are lots of guides online to make these nifty toothbrush bracelets. They work best with the clear plastic kind, but in a pinch any plastic brush will do. Your house will be clean, and your kids will love this fun craft.

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