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7 College Game Day Signs That Deserve A Heisman

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As a kid, Saturday morning was for cartoons. As an adult, Saturday mornings now mean it's time for college football. The college game-day show has become must watch television, not just because the pundits "know" what they're talking about, but because of (my favorite) the signs students from opposing schools make to grab national attention.

These signs have developed their own cultural identity. Here are some of the best over recent years.

Everyone is taking shots at Ohio State... apparently even Gandhi

Michigan State with no love lost for OSULansing State Journal

If it's true, I wouldn't want to be standing to close to this football fan

Whatever floats your boat... I guessCole's Gameday Blog

Now that's just a low blow LOL

Sorry Florida, the force just isn't with you.eBaum's World

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