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7 Cute Nail Designs to Try Before the Summer Ends

Summer is a time for bright colors and funky patters. It's the season that gives you license to experiment with your style because everyone is happy anyways, so who care if it's a fashion fail?

Doing your nails is one of the best ways to explore with designs. Dress them up, dress them down, nails can really be the key accessory needed for your outfit.

Check out these pretty basic nail designs that are easy to do, but still on fleek.

1. The Loofa Look

You'll need a sponge, some glitter, and a piece of an old loofa for this one. Paint your base color and let it partially dry. Take the loofa and stretch it out over your nail. Use your sponge to dab the glitter on to your nail. Use a top coat to seal it all in and voila! You've got chic, shiny nails that look like they cost you a fortune.

2. Bobby pin Polka-Dots

Use a bobby-pin (which we all have somewhere in the house) to create a polka-dotted look! Use the tiny ball at the end of the pin to make perfect little circles of color. Make sure the dots aren't too thick, though, or else they could chip off easily.

3. Paint Splatter

This one is a little messy, but totally worth it. Paint your nails white and let them dry. On a piece of paper. but tiny puddles of the colors you want to splatter with. Take the end of a straw and dip it in the puddle. From the other end of the straw, blow gently so spray the color on your nails. Be sure you have newspaper or something down so you don't get polish everywhere. It also helps if you tape up around your fingers so your entire hand doesn't get covered. Regardless, you'll be left with fun, bright, unique nails that everyone will envy.

4. Scotch Tape Style

This one require some patience, but it's worth it. Use scotch tape to create fun design on your nails. paint your base color first and let it completely dry. You need to make sure the base won't peel off with the tape. Once you've laid out your design, paint over your nail with a second color. Let that completely dry, too. Slowly peel off the tape to reveal your awesome designs!

5. Sharpie Chic

Create a sharp, elegant design using a Sharpie permanent marker. Paint your base coat and let it completely dry. Use a fine-tip marker to draw whatever you want on them. For beginners, stick with the basic lines (it's easier to duplicate with your non-dominant hand). If you're looking to do something more advanced, you can write words, draw emojis, or just try more complicated designs. Use a clear coat to seal it all in.

6. Mismatched Mani

Mismatched Manis are the perfect way to throw some color in to your designs without having to commit to just one. You can put together any colors you think will go best and just have fun with it. For the top part, you have a couple options. You can freehand it (which is easier than it sounds, I promise), or you can actually buy the manicure stickers for your nails. They're just little white strips that designate where you're painting the tip. Definitely helpful if you're just starting out.

7. Watermelon Nails

Anything fruity is a great way to bring summer in to things. Watermelon nails are ridiculously easy. Paint your red base coat first over the entire nail. Once that has dried. use green to add the tip. You can use a nail pen or the bobby-pin method (that we previously talked about) to create the seeds. The best part about these nails is they don't have to be perfect or precise, because watermelon itself isn't! You can also try this method to make strawberry nails. Instead of putting the green on top, paint it on bottom of your nail close to the cuticle.

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