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7 Flavor Hacks To Trick Your Friends Into Thinking You're A Chef

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While there are a ton of secret ingredient hacks out there, but many of them actually bring the boost of flavor they promise?

With just one ingredient you can take your meal to the next level, if you do it right.

Kitchen hacks are everywhere, some work, others not as much. These simple flavor hacks will heighten your food's taste in such an easy way.

Cook Grilled Cheese with Mayonnaise Instead of Butter

Everyone knows you need to butter the outside of your bread to get that beautiful, crispy, golden texture we all look for in a grilled cheese sandwich. Instead, leave the butter out of it and fry your grilled cheese with mayo spread across the bread. It is way more delicious and crispy.

Even Martha Stewart swears by this hack in her Facebook Live video:

Martha is LIVE making some of her favorite comfort foods: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Recipes >>

Posted by Martha Stewart on Monday, December 5, 2016

So why mayo?

"Supposedly fewer calories and very tasty and the bread doesn't burn," she says.

Add Soy Sauce To Popcorn Butter

Popcorn is a delicious treat, whether you're looking for a low calorie crunch or are having a classic movie night at home. Supposedly if you add some soy sauce to popcorn butter, it makes for a next-level flavor maker. The salty taste of the soy sauce mixed with the creamy butter brings out the savory, cheesy and nutty flavors in popcorn.

Add Coffee To Brownie Batter To Bring Out The Chocolate Flavor

Turn a batch of simple brownies into a flavor sensation. There is no specific amount to use, just a splash of coffee as you beat the eggs into your batter.  

Ina Garten agrees. She told Epicurious, "If you add coffee to chocolate, it gives it a depth of flavor... you know the chocolate tastes better, but you don't really know that [it's] there."

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