7 Hairstyles That Won't Be Ruined By Rainy Days

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Rain rain, go away. Come again...well, never preferably! It messes with my hair!

If you're like me, the rain really screws up your plans for your hair. It becomes frizzy and thank you!

These are some cute, easy hairstyles that won't get ruined by the rain!

The Donut Bun

This gives you a chic, elegant up-do while still keeping your hair out of your face and under control!

Fishtail Braids

Different than a normal braid, yet still easy to do! This style won't take too much time in the morning, and it will avoid all that frizz!

The Gibson Roll

A classic vintage look that will leave you feeling cool and not-at-all out of control on a rainy day!

Continue reading for more elegant and easy hairstyles for the rain!

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