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7 Of The Most Insane Weather Events Ever Recorded

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Charismatic Planet

White Squall

If you're out on the water and you see black clouds approaching, you know it's time to head back to shore. But what if there was no hint that the storm was coming? That's the danger behind a white squall.

A sudden and powerful wind that has been the supposed cause of many unexplained ship sinkings in the oceans and the Great Lakes.

When The Pride of Baltimore sank off the coast of Puetro Rico in 1986, the survivors of the 121 ton vessel floated for 4 days before being rescued. "A tremendous whistling sound suddenly roared through the rigging and a wall of wind hit us in the back, The Pride heeled over in a matter of seconds" said one survivor who witnessed the squall.

Frost Flowers

Not as destructive as other forms of intense weather, but this is none-the-less an incredible act that almost seems too amazing to be true.

In the Arctic there were reports of weird ice formations floating by boats, but no one took them seriously. When people started photographing them, everything changed. Frost flowers are the result of a combination of winds, tides, and new ice appearing over open water. The excess water vapor freezes suddenly and we are left with beautiful and mystifying crystals.

River In The Sky

Recent reports of a long train of clouds stretching the entirety of the Pacific Ocean have unveiled a breathtaking and scary prospect of an unbroken storm across the planets largest body of water.

The weather pattern is a fast-moving 'atmospheric river' that has the capacity to unload extreme amounts of rain and snow over top the Pacific Northwest, up to 15 inches of precipitation is expected in some places. Scientists believe that a build up of pressures and humidity along the jet stream is what is funneling the massive river of clouds.

What has been your scariest weather experience? Tell us below!

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