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7 Proposals We Saw In Movies That Never Fail To Make Us Sob

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These are the top seven wedding proposals you will ever see in a movie. Even though they are far from realistic, they are all perfect.

1. Stepmom

This heartfelt speech Luke gives Isabel is the sweetest thing ever. He wakes her up and gives her a ring box, inside is a spool of thread, he then beautifully explains why he loves her then slides a ring from the thread onto her finger. Also it was full of metaphors to do with the thread, and overall a beautiful proposal.

2. Walk the Line

In this scene, Johnny proposes to June on stage after singing a duet. In the middle of the duet Johnny stops signing, apologizes to the audience by saying, "Sorry everyone, I just have to ask June a question before we finish this song." June looks confused and he asks her to marry him. She tries to brush it off and he continues to tell her how much he loves her. Through her tears, she says yes and they kiss as the audience cheers them on. I don't know what is it is about this scene but it makes my eyes water every single time.

3. The Notebook

In this scene, Noah tells Aly that it won't be easy but he wants her. He doesn't necessarily propose to her but he tells her he wants to be with her forever, so we can only assume. This scene takes the cake of being one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the entire movie, and it still hurts watching it after the 100th time.

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