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7 Sneaky Ways To Add More Fruit And Veggies To Your Diet

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We like to think that just because we have "Meatless Mondays," our family is eating as healthy as they can be, but the guidelines set by health experts are pretty strict. For example, did you realize the USDA recommends that half your plate should be made up of fruit and vegetables at every meal? That means that you should be eating 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies each day.

Unless you're already a vegetarian, you're probably not even close to those guidelines. They can seem impossible to reach, unless you're only eating salad all day.

But the truth is it's easier than you think to sneak some healthy greens or tasty fruit into every meal. Follow these 7 tips and in no time you'll be snacking on vegetables without even realizing it.

1. Double and swap

The recipes you're cooking already use fruit or vegetables, and even if they don't there's always a place to add them. Any time you're cooking, remember the "double and swap" rule. Whenever you can, double the amount of fruit or vegetables in a recipe to guarantee you get lots of them. Then, swap little seasonings and garnishes (brown sugar, salt, chocolate) with fruit or veggies instead.

2. Always serve a salad with dinner

Next time you're at the grocery store, buy a few bags of pre-mixed salad. Start serving it with every home-cooked dinner. This way, you naturally control the size of your portions while adding some extra greens to your diet. How simple was that!

3. Pre-plan healthy snacks

You're already snacking between meals anyway (we all are, let's be honest) so use that as a chance to eat a serving of something healthy. Cut up lots of fruit, or carrots and celery, and leave it ready to go in a Ziploc bag. When hunger strikes, indulge in something tasty, but healthy.

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