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7 Tricks To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

You love your cat, and you especially love to spoil your cat, but while you're away at work all day they can get lonely and bored. Even if you spend all day at home, you have things to do and you can't entertain your cat 24/7.

Cats are cats after all, and they want to run around, jump, and get into trouble all the time. If they can't, they can get depressed just like people, or even sick.

If you want to guarantee that your cats are active and happy there are a few simple tricks. First and foremost, give them their own space to play. Then, try these creative solutions to keep cats busy.

Remember: a busy cat is a well-behaved one, so these will save both you and your pet some stress.


1. Invest In A Good Scratcher

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A scratcher is the #1 most essential toy to keep your cat occupied. These lounge style ones are great because your cats can also crawl around in them, and the material doesn't break off like other models.

2. Give Them Levels To Explore

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Cats love climbing up and down, and it's an easy way to tire them out so they stay out of trouble. This cat bed clings to your window, so your pets will love to jump up and look around, and they can take a nap in the sun when they're bored.

3. Let Them Hunt

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You probably don't have any mice running around your house, so this battery powered version is the next best thing. This version even flips itself over when it's stuck, so the chase never ends. Cats are natural predators after all, so let them run wild with these toys.

4. Hide Treats Around Your Home

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Your cat will want to explore every nook and cranny in your home anyways, so you might as well reward them for keeping themselves occupied. Stash a few of these Frenzy Cat toys in areas where your cat likes to look around and they'll stay busy tracking the rest down all day.

5. Let Them Exercise

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If you've ever rolled out a yoga mat with your cat in the room, you know how much they love them. They love to sharpen their claws and stretch out on the unique surface, so keep yours in good shape by buying your cat their own pad.

6. Bring Some Nature Inside

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Cats love plants, and some are even good for them. Cat thyme, licorice root and valerian all help improve your kitty's mood, but the simplest trick is just to buy some pet grass. It's cheaper than buying a fancy electric toy, and your cat will love the texture and smell of a plant in their play area.

7. Let Them Watch TV

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Don't laugh, we're serious. You cat probably won't appreciate the news, or sitcoms, but GoCat makes a special "Cat Dreams" DVD with over 100 segments designed to keep your cat entertained. The DVD uses lots of nature footage, which is great in winter when less birds and squirrels are going past your windows.

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