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7 Years After The Smoking Toddler Made Headlines, There's Finally An Update

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He was dubbed the "chain-smoking toddler" when the world learned about his 40-cigarette-a-day habit.

While most kids were playing with toys and learning to read, young Aldi Suganda (also known as Aldi Rizal) became a YouTube sensation for his intense nicotine habit. Suganda claimed he puffed his first cigarette when his father gave him one at just 18 months old.

Suganda's very adult habit is tragic, but it's not uncommon in his home country of Indonesia, the 5th-biggest nicotine market in the world. 63% of Indonesian men smoke, compared to just 24% of American men, and more than 30% of Indonesian kids under age 10 have smoked.

At age 2 Suganda's habit made him a local celebrity, but it also put his health in jeopardy. While the youngster was obviously overweight, his father Mohammed told reporters "He looks pretty healthy to me, I don't see the problem."

But after journalists swarmed to the Sugandas' village in Sumatra, the government made little Aldi's health their priority, and connected his family with expert doctors in the country's capital.

Now, 9-year-old Aldi has changed for the better, and is helping other kids quit smoking.

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