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8 Actual Places That Wouldn't Surprise Anyone If They Were Actually Gates To Hell

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Hell is a concept as old as time, but does it truly exist? There are uncountable stories, and numerous versions of Hell throughout history, from the Greek version of Hades, to the modern Catholic version of a pit of fire, they all have one thing in common, judgement.

But is it real? And if it is, how could a mortal attempt to enter through the gates of the world below? Here are eight places on earth said to lead below.

1. The Gates of Guinee - New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana has always been a hotbed of paranormal mythology.

If you are to believe the local legend, the entrance to the Voodoo underworld can be gained through a series of seven gates laid out across New Orleans' French Quarter. Voodoo is an ancient religion that was brought over to North America from Africa during slavery, and according to religion teachings, the spirits of the dead end up in a portion of the underworld known as Guinee.

Guinee shares more in common with purgatory than it does with Hell, as it is not a place of judgement and punishment, but rather a shadow plane that spirits must cross through before reaching the "Deep Waters" where they will reunite with their ancestors.

Baron Samedi, one of the loa who is often portrayed as a painted skeleton dressed in a top hat and tails, guards the crossroads that form the portals to other dimensions.

Some VooDoo practitioners view the "Seven Gates" as a symbolic reference to week after death, while others believe that the seven spiritual gates have physical counterparts on our earthly plane. For those that believe in the physical gates to be spread across various cemeteries throughout the New Orleans French Quarter.  

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